Other Raw Alternatives…

I chose to post again because I had a few people express their curiosity as to what I would end up feeding as a good alternative to the raw. I am happy to say that I have found plenty of wonderful raw alternatives. They are balanced, grain free, and biologically appropriate. Some have more than one protein in each bag which is great. Variety is strongly recommended by Dr. Becker and most raw feeders too. I went to a local holistic based pet store called All Four Paws today. I looked at all of the foods and asked the store owner about her grain free foods. Freeze dried raw is a very expensive frozen raw alternative but I purchased a small bag to use as treats. It’s great because it comes in freeze dried patties that are easy to break pieces off of. I also got some free samples which I will use as treats but will also gauge palatability. Of course, my crew isn’t all that picky about all things edible. I am going to post a little bit of info and pictures on each of the diets I plan on feeding and rotating. Most of the foods I looked into were actually quite affordable for being grain free and better quality than commercial.

This list is in no particular order by the way:

Canine Caviar is one of the great alternatives because the ingredients are flash steamed for 6 minutes to preserve the integrity of the ingredients. They have single proteins in each bag but use minimal carbohydrates, which I have learned are not necessary even for active dogs. Protein is first, then fat, then carbohydrates. This food is, of course, grain free as well. Canine Caviar also makes 95% canned food. I have seen this a lot lately and wasn’t sure what it meant. It seems to be canned food that is meant to be supplemental to another diet such as raw or kibble. It is usually a protein, organ meat, and water sufficient for processing. Blue Buffalo and a couple of other companies make a 95% food too.


Another brand I liked was Acana. Acana has more than one protein source in each bag- usually 3. They have different categories such as Regional dry. What that seems to be (as far as I have been able to research) is 3 protein sources from the same area of the U.S. I believe it is to mimic a more natural selection of proteins. I love their thinking! This food is also grain free, biologically appropriate, and only uses fresh ingredients from that specific region. And it’s also affordable! About $38 for a 14-ish lb bag.

Two regional diets from Acana:

Fromm is another brand with similar characteristics to the other 2 foods listed so far. Grain free and biologically appropriate. I suppose I would say this would be my second choice to the first 2 products. I really love what the other 2 have to offer a bit more than the rest of the foods I’m going to list. But all of these foods are superior to most commercial foods. Fromm is one of the free samples I got as well 🙂
NutriSource is another good grain free food that is biologically appropriate. No outsourced ingredients like the others as well. Not as many protein options but still a very good choice when it’s time for chicken or fish.
Now for the freeze dried raw that I am using as treats. I chose Stella and Chewy’s frankly because it was the only choice I had for freeze dried but it’s great quality stuff. They do make frozen raw as well but, like I said, I chose the freeze dried because it’s so easy to break apart. It’s grain free and biologically appropriate. It is also available in several different protein options. Stella and Chewy’s does make a freeze dried treat but it was more expensive than a larger bag of freeze dried raw food. It’s about $12-$14 a bag and for me and 3 dogs that should last 2-3 weeks. Depending on how often you train, you may want to consider a dehydrator for liver, gizzards, etc. I will someday invest in one. They are about $40 with free shipping on eBay from what I have seen.

About jenhoward86

I joined the dog sport world around June 2010. I have since fallen in love with that world. Before I got involved with dog agility I had toyed with the idea of starting my JRT, Shawty, on a raw diet but was too afraid. Now I have 3 dogs and am determined to make it work! This blog is an eye into one dog owner's journey feeding raw for the next year. I will feed longer but don't know that I will blog longer about it.
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  1. Was it primarily the lack of a freezer that led you to stop raw feeding? I ask because I can’t imagine that these foods are LESS expensive than raw feeding. I find the least expensive chickens and cuts of beef and pork I can find to feed my boys. It always ends up being less than $2.50/pound, and all the high end foods were at least that much, and usually more. Just curious.

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